“For the force that drives you and me”

from “Trick by the Moon State”(1953), Kim Su-young

The alternative space pool is a non-profit artist-run space initiated collectively by artists in Seoul, Korea in 1999. Named after the title of the last poem by the late Korean Modern poet Kim Su-young(1921-1968), Pool in Korean means “leaves of grass.”

As the name succinctly suggests, “pool” is not just a physical space for contemporary art exhibitions, but a discursive site and spiritual community of local artists dedicated to socially engaged art practices and post-colonial art criticism. Presenting more than 170 exhibitions, 36 education programs and 13 publications until 2009, pool has supported the value of reality, action, utterance and institution of critique in contemporary art praxis of Korea.

As was the historical legacy of pool was made by cultural producers, the new features of pool are, and will be, created by cultural producers. A subject of an art institution should be cultural producers. This year, pool attempts to resuscitate membership and patronage system by cultural producers. Please manifest your aesthetic prepositions by being “pool.”

How to become "Pool"

pool member(annual fee 10,000 KW)
- free subscription of pool bimonthly e-newsletter
  and e-mail reminders about upcoming events
- invitation to apply portfolio/project proposal
- invitation to open call of exhibition proposal
- invitation to pool school
  (separate payment for program fee)

pool patron
irregular patronage(term, amount free)
- all of the above plus,
- posting service of pool publicity materials
- tax deduction
- 7 days lending service of the pool archive
- 20% discount at the pool publication
- 20% discount at the pool school program fee
- containing names of patrons in related publications
* free donation of artworks is welcomed.

regular patronage
(set amount by monthly wire transfer)
- all of the above plus,
- free subscription of pool annual report
- annual finance report
- early reserve purchase of pool collection in
  fundraising show
(annual sponsorship of more than 2,000,000 KW)
- separate management of special benefit

How to join
1. Please choose one from pool member
   or pool patron.
2. As for pool patrons, please decide regular or
   irregular patronage.
3. Download the form and fill out the details.
   pool membership form
4. Please return this form via fax,
   email or mail to the pool.
   fax : 82 2 396 9636
   email : poolmembers@altpool.org
   address : (110-803) 56-13 Gugi-dong,
            Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea

How to join
1. on-site payment at pool or bank wire transfer
2. As for pool REGULAR PATRONS,
   please go to the bank where your personal bank
   account exists and apply for a monthly
   transfer(CMS) service.
   account # : 140-006-618258,
   account holder’s name : alternative space pool
   swift code : SHBKKRSE,
   bank address : 120, 2-ga, Taepyung-ro,
            Chung-gu, Seoul, Korea

poolmembers@altpool.org / 82 2 396 4805

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