While pool has continuously presented series of innovative artists working in the basis of Korean art with significant contributions, pool has provided series of programs for introducing new features and their experimental takes.

This new exploration will be undertaken for supporting sustainable art experiments and activities in the landscape of contemporary cr eative field. Pool would not limit the process of art production within the ‘works’ displayed for exhibitions, but rather to deepen the contents into the layers of process. Apart from the curatorial in house exhibitions planned for year 2010, pool is also going to expand its programs internally and externally; co-curatorial project developed based on the networks with local and international art institutions, social organizations, artists, independent curators and schools, residency program abroad, sharing contents through websites and dispatching related programs.


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POOLAP (Pool Artist Incubating Program) is made possible by the generous support of artist Kim Jung Heun.​


 Title: Jungle Gym

 Artist: Yura Kal, Hyeree Ro, Yoon Gyeol, Eunhee Lee 

 Curator: Jiyi Shin

 Graphic Design: Gyeongtak Kang (a-g-k.kr)

 Space Design: Hyungjoon Kim

 Exhibition Period: December 6, 2018 (Thu) – January 13, 2019 (Sun)

 Opening Reception: December 6, 2018 (Thu) 6pm

   *Performance of artist Hyeree Ro will be held at 6pm on December 6 (Thu).

 Venue: Art Space Pool, Seoul, Korea

 Visiting Hours: 11am – 6pm 

    Closed on Mondays December 25 (Tue) and January 1 (Tue) 2019  

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